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WOW! It's been 22 years since we sold our house and went RVing.
Full-Time RVing 1998 - 2003
(and part-time till 2006)

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2014 status: we have completed our last house remodel and received a "Kitchen of the Year" award by San Diego Home and Garden magazine, June 2011. We plan to provide more pictures and stories about the completed remodel as soon as we get a chance. Mitch and Max are now 25 and 22 and work with us in our business, San Diego Data Services. Mitch is in charge of the production data processing and Max is our lead programmer.

2010 Staus: The state of California granted Max his high school diploma when he turned 16. While finishing the house remodel, Mitch became interested in wood working and is taking woodworking classes at Palomar College

2007 status: we have now spent at least one night in all 50 states.  Mitch is 18 now and Max is 15-1/2.  They're very happy living at the beach in San Diego, so I guess you'd say that we're "permanently parked".  To keep life interesting, we've decided to remodel another house.  Mitch is working full-time with us building the house, while Max is taking some courses at a home study program associated with the local public school.  It was Max's decision to try this.  He wanted to see if he was missing part of his education. 

The rest of this web site is a historical archive of our travel journal from 1998 to 2007. We have not validated that the old links we embedded in the past still point to valid websites, (or that the hair styles are still contemporary.)

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June 21, 2006 - Fargo North Dakota                                         Home Remodel
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