Demolition and New Walls
May 2007

Here's where we left off last report. 
* The foundation work was done.
* The subfloor over the new area was down.
* The concrete form boards were all stacked up 
Now it's time for some demolition.

First the roof.

Then some walls.
We tore out Mitch's bedroom, one bathroom, our bedroom, which has been used as an office for a few months, and a small part of the the living room.

We are able to leave the kitchen, dining room, most of the living room and Max's bedroom.  It shouldn't rain again for seven months, but just in case it does we left the roof on over those areas.

Here's the second bathroom coming out.
Now, when Max steps out of his bedroom he's outside.  The remaining bathroom is just right of where Max is standing in his doorway.
Here is how it looks in the living room. It is a little tight with all of our computers in it.  You can see the temporary wall that holds out the dust and cool evening air.
This is the first wall going up.

The guy in the middle is Mike.  He was doing a job next door for a couple of months.  When he was done we decided to bring him on for a few weeks and pick up a few tips on the latest building techniques.

With all of the new engineering for earthquakes things have changed.  There are a lot more steel straps and brackets, and shear wall and nailing requirements.

Wall two is up.  Our architect's name is Mike, our structural engineer's name is Mike and now there is builder Mike.  If we have any questions we just ask Mike.
You can see some new foundation through the hole where the furnace used to sit.  Mitch is shoring up the floor prior to us cutting the floor so that a new shear wall can protrude up though the floor.  The floor will be reattached to the sides on the shear wall. 
One shear wall sealed off Max's bedroom door so we cut in a new entry way for him.  Another wall sealed off the hall and extends six inches into the bathroom door.  So the hall door that Max is holding is now the bathroom door.  There is also no ceiling in the bathroom other than a temporary sheet of plywood that covers a half of the area.
The new exterior walls and shear walls are up and Dixieline Lumber has just dropped the beams and joist for the second floor structure.  The heaviest beam weighs about 372 lbs.
Here we are starting to lift a 5-1/4" X 14" X 24' long beam.
And finally most of the new first floor structure is in place.  It will take a week or two to put in the joist blocking, straps, check all the nailing, and make sure everything is complete. 

Then we'll start some second floor walls.

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