First A Foundation
April 2007

Late March and early April were spent building the forms and placing the rebar.

We built a catwalk to the house over the construction

The furnace will be installed in this area under the house

It is six feet from the top of the forms to the bottom
of the ditch in many places

Concrete's going in soon!  Did you drop your I-Pod down there?
Mitch and our neighbor Colt are doing some final cleanup

A Rat's eye view beneath the forms
More pictures from under the house.  Fifty-six feet of new footing under here
The concrete pump line is ready and our neighbors Colt and Bob are adding some last minute supports to the forms
The first of four trucks arrive.  Our newest neighbor Kim and her son Leo watch the truck back down the alley
Cheryl's sister and her two sons, Fernando and Robert were visiting from Merida.  They said they hire Mexican workers for this kind of job back home. 

Back under the house to pump in the concrete

Ed and Jahvin

Max pumping from the old fireplace opening
Bob and Jahvin smoothing off the top

The Inspectors Arrive

Cheryl and our neighbor Shirley.   "Right there!" 

"You mean that there?"

Cheryl's dad, Joe

More inspectors

"I better go check"

"OK, I checked"
Hardly a dull moment.  I started the day at 6:30 a.m. and finished up about 7:00 p.m.  I don't know what I would have done without everyone pitching in to help. 
Here's the forms starting to come off the next morning
Jahvin is packing down the dirt as we fill in the patio areas.  Click the picture of Jahvin to watch video
Some current pictures showing the patio area filled in with the temporary pavers in place 


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