Another Remodel Project
February & March 2007

February 5, 2007
Before we could dig foundations for the new rooms, the old enclosed patio room must go.  The sliding glass doors have already been taken out in this picture.
February 7, 2007
The walls are gone
February 8, 2007
The roof is gone and the last steel header is coming down.
February 14, 2007
Mitch and Max's long time friend, Jahvin, is helping us out.  He's loading buckets of dirt from under the house.
February 15, 2007
Using an engine hoist to lift 200 pound chunks of concrete out from under the house.
February 22, 2007
Mitch is jack hammering out some of the old foundation, back stairs, sidewalk, and slab under the old patio room.
All together we hauled 24,000 lbs of concrete and broken brick to the land fill.  The good bricks were given away quickly by placing a "for free" ad on Craigslist. 
February 24, 2007
Unloading concrete at the landfill
March 22, 2007
Almost a month has passed since the previous picture.  We've spent that time doing a lot of digging, setting rebar and concrete forms.
Looking towards the back door.  New foundation is required under the back wall of the kitchen.
March 23, 2007
Mitch and Jahvin setting rebar and forms in place.
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