Another Remodel Project
January 2007

Sept 2005
This is the house we bought for our next adventure.  It is on a larger lot with a two car garage and room to park the 5th-wheel trailer in the back yard.  We broke dirt for the remodel on Jan. 1, 2007
Sept 2006
A 1/2" scale model of the new design
October 2006
First we replaced the power panel and used underground lines.  Mitch is measuring the depth of the conduit.
December 2006
With the roof off of the model the second story balconies and vaulted ceiling area of the living room can be seen.  The front door is located under the second story deck.  Folding glass doors in the kitchen and over the counter extends onto the patio/kitchen extension.

The first floor also includes 3 bedrooms and two baths in addition to the master bedroom on the second floor.


January 13, 2007
After the new electrical service panel.  We starting by adding piers under the existing foundation. 
Southern California has stringent earthquake codes.  We have to pour a 2' X 2' X 4' deep block of concrete under the foundation every 5 feet. around the entire house.
Here is Mitch digging out dirt from under the house.  We used a vacuum to extract nine yards of dirt.
The dirt pile is building.  By time the foundations are all dug out we will have removed 32 yards of dirt.
January 18, 2007
A close up picture of the pier ready to pour.  Rebar is placed on the bottom and secured to holes in the existing footing using epoxy.
January 20, 2007
The concrete pour went well and as the truck and pump guy were cleaning up . . . . 
Mitch began to tear down the chimney and fireplace.
January 21, 2007
We are through the roof and into the attic.
Through the ceiling and down to the first floor.  This old house was well built and our small rotohammer was no match.  We rented a larger demo hammer.
January 31, 2007
Next, Mitch took out the old furnace and we began digging trenches for the new shear wall foundation under the existing house.  The fireplace base and furnace were in the way of the new foundation.
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