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What could we need for power in our new trailer?

It has batteries, a charger/converter and a 30 amp power cord. "A generator!" That should do it.
But just in case, we had it "Pre-wired for Solar."

After the first six months of traveling we had learned a few things about this configuration.

1. The batteries would last about three days (not the two week camping limit posted in many parks).

2. The generator worked great for 120v ac power, but it ran four to five hours a day to maintain the batteries. 

3. Any generator is noisy, (especially when ours is the only one running one). 

4. Many converter/charges installed in RVs are inefficient.

5. The fan in the forced air propane heaters drain batteries very quickly. 

3000 Watt Onan Propane Generator
3000 Watt Onan Propane Generator

Our generator is handy, but it is also expensive, heavy, and consumes a lot of storage space.  To a full-time RV'er these are all valuable resources. 

We rarely use our generator anymore.
We still have it with us, "just in case",  or should I say,
"it just sits in the case." 

Now we have more batteries, solar panels, an inverter and more.
Learn more about the power equipment we selected and issues to consider.
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