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October 1999 - March 2000

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Hi!  It has been awhile now since we have taken time to update our web page.  One reason is that we have been busy, but the other is that we really have not been doing anything all that interesting.  We returned to Everett Washington to pickup our new truck and then drove by way of the Oregon Coast to Medford Oregon to get a custom fifth-wheel bed installed.  While we were in the Medford Oregon area we took in the local sites. Just click on the links in the paragraph above if your interested.

After we got our truck done we returned to Everett to leave our old truck with Ed's daughter and husband to sell for us.  We had a few weeks until Thanksgiving so we headed off towards Yellowstone National Park.  Most of November, December, January and February was spent doing not much of anything, spending January through March in San Diego California.  I lumped a bunch of pictures together on a page I called Fall99.  If you like looking over family pictures of relatives and Christmas and yada yada click here.  If you are at work and it's another one of those days in the office, then definitely click here.   The picture on the left is Ed's uncle's tractor with Max and Ed driving.

As I mentioned, we did make it to Yellowstone National Park.  This time of year it was pretty quiet.  After Christmas we went skiing at Whistler British Columbia for a week and then headed South to San Diego where we have been since January 7th.  We did get away for four days to Quartzsite Arizona.  Quartzsite is home to over 12,000 RV'ers during January.

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