Quartzsite Arizona
January, 2000

Here we are enjoying the Arizona sun.  In the past year of traveling we've found that managing our trailer's energy is real tricky.  If we're not hooked up to "shore power", our batteries only last for a limited time.  To free us from the necessity of electrical hook-ups, we've added solar panels to our trailer and doubled our batteries.  This was our first chance to try the new system out and it looks like the investment has paid off.  It sure is nice to be back amongst the cactus.

Here is a picture of several of the rigs that met at a pre-determined spot in the middle of the desert.  All of these folks belong to a group called the Boomers, as in "baby boomers".  We are about the youngest of the bunch, (and Max likes to point out that he is the youngest Boomer of all).  This year there were over one hundred Boomers at the rally, (or as they like to call them, "Boomerangs").

Quartzsite Arizona is just ten miles east of the California-Arizona border on Interstate 10, which connects the East to Los Angeles.  It's a town of about 1500 people, but every January and February it swells to more than 12,000.  It becomes the largest rock show, RV show and swap meet I've ever seen.  I think it would take five days to see all of the booths, tables and displays.

Everyday at 4:00 we gather around the fire pit for happy hour (socializing, meeting new arrivals and saying good byes to those who are moving on.)  Today the crowd grew especially large since there was a "Geraldine" contest, (old guys dressed up like gals).  When you've been out in the desert this long anything can happen.

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