San Diego, California
Winter 2000

We lived in San Diego from January 7th until the first week of April.  We had some business to take care of which consumed most of January and some of February.

The boys enjoyed making new friends.  Their best friend was Patrick, seen here in the black shirt in the middle.

We rented a furnished house on Oceanfront Walk along the ocean in Mission Beach, a beach community in San Diego, for the whole month of March.  Cheryl grew up here and she really loves being here.

Here Max and Rian jump over the seawall to hit the beach.  We flew down all of our older kids and their families for a week.  Cheryl's sister Janet and her family, as well as our Seattle friends, Rob and Estelle, all made a trek to the beach.  All together we had six groups coming and going.  We now know the San Diego airport pretty well. 

For a full tour of Oceanfront Walk click here.  There are lots of  photos on this site so it will take awhile on a slow modem.  Let's go to the beach

During low tides Ed would go out on the beach and scratch out circular mazes.  The kids had fun walking them, (as well as people passing by).  Some of the mazes took five to ten minutes to complete.  The mazes are difficult to trace with your eyes so you had to actually walk them to figure them out.

Hey Max, if this ocean breeze picks up a little I think I can fly.

I guess our dog Cocoa wanted to enjoy the beach also.  Here she is jumping over a four foot fence.

Here, our son-in-law Jerry protects his eyes from the terrible glare of the southern California sun.  Actually, everyone that came down from Seattle really enjoyed the warmth.


Granddaughter Brittany is the latest edition to Harmony and Jerry's family.

Cooper celebrated his sixth birthday.  During the month we made four trips to Disneyland and three trips to Tijuana.

Click here for the Disney Photos
We visited Balboa Park a few times.  The San Diego Zoo is located here as well as several fine museums.  The architecture is outstanding.  One Sunday afternoon we sat outside in the sun and listened to a recital performed on one of the largest pipe organs in the country. 

Mitch Max and Cooper

Cheryl and Kacy

Cooper spins the ball on one finger

Cooper learns how to work the crowds
Balboa Park is a wonderful family park -- there's always something going on here.  On the weekends there are street performers throughout the park.  Above, we sit and watch a juggler.  Our nephew, Cooper, really got into the act, balancing a spinning ball on one finger while blindfolded.  After the show Cooper completes the act by "passing the hat".

The arm less fellow on the right played the guitar with his toes and sang along.  He was quite impressive.

There is an early 1900's merry-go-round in the park, (that Cheryl used to ride on as a child).  Mitch and Max try grabbing for the gold ring.  Whoever gets the gold ring wins a free ride.
.......and more time on the beach. Here's lovely Kayce

A good day a Costco would be a crowded.

This was a bad day at Costco for someone.

Speaking of fires, we also watched the old SDG&E building blow up.  Click to see pictures.

Come on Kayce,  vacation is over.   It's time to fly home to Washington.
If you make me go, I'll pull my hair until it hurts!

We bought some discount tickets for the kids and as far as I could tell the only difference was that they had to board through the maintenance door, sit next to the lavs and engines and hop through San Fransico on a busy day.
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