Not Doing Much of Anything
Fall 1999 - Winter 2000

After we had our truck done and the bike rack figured out, we had a month before we were to return to the Seattle area for Thanksgiving and Christmas with family.  So we headed east across the Cascade Mountains.
Our first stop was the Aplet and Cotlet candy factory.  It's a small operation but they sure do turn out a lot of sweets.
Our next stop was the Grand Coulee dam in Washington state. 

Here's a shot from Crown Vista up above the dam. This time of year it's pretty quiet out here.  We did see a few deer and a couple of coyotes while we were driving around the farm lands down river from the dam.


As a teenager I used to come here occasionally with my neighbors during the summer and for hunting season.  (We never did shoot anything -- mostly we just drove through the hills and drank beer).  While in town I asked people if they knew an old friend of mine. Turned out that everyone knew him and told me where to find him; in the local pub, either for breakfast or after work.
We stopped in Spokane Washington to visit Ed's Aunt and Uncle.  We stayed at Jellystone RV Park and the boys took time to putt a few holes. 
Over at Ed's uncle the boys took turns driving his tractor and riding mower.

Here's Ken, Ed's uncle.

Sorry Phyllis, either you dodged the camera or I missed you


This was a strange site.  We came across this UFO in Wallace Idaho.

We stop in Osborn Idaho to see another of Ed's relatives.  Along with Ed and the boys is Walt and Doris.  (Too bad Ed didn't think about taking a picture until it got dark).
Here Max and Cheryl are adding another state to our map.  The map on the door of our trailer shows which states we have been in since we left a year and a half ago.  Our rule is that we have to sleep in a state for it to count.  Max once wanted to take a nap as we briefly drove into and out of Oklahoma just so he could add it to our map. 
First snow of the year.  Mitch couldn't wait to make a snow man.

Below is the Lake Goodwin Community Club's December meeting, (Lake Goodwin, Washington is the neighborhood that we lived in until we sold our house and "escaped"). Many of the residents of the Lake Goodwin area belong to the club and meet once a month for a social hour and potluck dinner.  The Christmas get-together usually has a good turn out.  We enjoyed seeing our old neighbors and friends.

Here's Kayce our granddaughter
and our daughter, Bridget

Our Daughter-in-Law Angi, Ed's mom and Max

Mitch, Max and brother-in-law Mike

Grandson Brandon

After Christmas we went to Whistler, Canada for a week of skiing.  This year was the best we have had.  We started coming to Whistler about ten years ago.  Some years it was wet and soggy and others were -5 degrees F with high winds.  This year the snow was good, the sun was out, and it was in the low 50's on top of the mountain.
Well we survived Y2K.  The snow was falling hard for the new year and Mitch was out making another snowman. 
Back home in our trailer the boys are at their favorite pastime,  computer games.  Here they are designing a new theme park on the game Roller Coaster Tycoon.  They have many simulation games and seem to like this the best. 
In this one you specify the design of the theme park, design the coaster, set the prices, determine how many facilities like restrooms and trash cans, hire workers and other aspects of running a park.  Then you start "time" and find out if your park is a success or a flop.  These simulation games are quite complex.


It's birthday time again.

Just in case he eats too much cake and ice cream I think he will be ready.
Here mom and grandpa get into the birthday spirit with a birthday hat or two

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