Yellowstone, Again
August, 2002

After dropping Ikumi off in Las Vegas (previous page) we returned to Yellowstone.  Friends and relatives wanted to meet us for a summer vacation.  The Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming area was selected as the place to go.  Seems we were just here last week.

Some people may say, "let's go to the mall again next week."  We say, "let's go to Wyoming again next week."
Well, there's no point in putting a bunch more Yellowstone pictures on our web site, but here's a couple that are worth a story.

We were about to cross Fishing Bridge over the Yellowstone River but traffic was all backed up.  Obviously, there were some bison or a grizzly bear to look at and all the cars had stopped.  As it turned out, it was a herd of bison swimming across the river..

But it was not just the bison in the river that had the cars stopped.  Why would they jump into a freezing cold river when there is a perfectly good bridge in front of them?  Well, the other half of the herd was crossing the bridge and about ten members of the herd had stopped and were standing in the drive lane ahead.
They would walk about twenty feet and then stop and look around for five minutes.  Unlike previous visits, we saw many more bison making road and bridge crossings.   Max, and his cousins Cooper and Jody, are standing on the bridge ahead on the right.  Occasionally a large bison head would come between the cars and look down at them.  It wasn't long until they were back in the truck.
We had two bull elks grazing near our trailer, (seen in the background,) in the Madison Campground.  We saw our first Yellowstone moose on this trip.
This is a view from Lower Falls looking toward Artist's Point.  Artist's Point is located at the upper, right side of the canyon, all the way to the back.  You can see a picture from Artist's Point looking toward the falls on our 2001 Montana page.
Here's the kids and some friends standing on a fort they built at the Fishing Bridge campground.  This campground in spread throughout a forest of Lodgepole Pines.  There's plenty of downed logs to build forts.  This is one of the boy's favorite campgrounds to stay in.
We are often asked "where's your favorite place to go?"  Well, if you only have time for a week-long summer vacation, and have an RV and kids, Fishing Bridge Campground in Yellowstone National Park would probably be our top pick for a memorable family vacation. 

One important note:  You must have a hard-sided RV -- there is no tent or pop-up campers allowed in this campground because of bears that frequently roam through the area.

We also had a chance to raft the Snake River below Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Mitch and Max's cousins, Cooper and Jody, came along.

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