Summer, 2001
Washington State (continued)

While we were spent time with our family and friends in Washington, we also took time to shop for investment properties.  At one site we came across this raccoon.  Someone had put out a small dish of cat food for him to eat. When we got out of our truck, the raccoon reluctantly left the food and watched us from the safety of the bushes.
Shortly after we scared the raccoon away, the true recipient of the food appeared.  The property was a semi-wooded, vacant lot and someone must have left several kittens there to fend for themselves.  It looked like a neighbor must have been bringing the kittens food.
We joined family for a day at a small country fair in Stanwood, Washington. 
Complete with pigs and chickens . . . . 
 . . . . .and even a roping contest.  Only the contest here is to try to not be roped.  Our nephew, Cooper, didn't make it.

But his bother, Jody, made a clean break.

Their mom, Cheryl's sister, Janet, was next.  The roper chuckled at such an easy target.
Cooper ran for another try and the rope passed just in front of him as he makes a clean get away.

This is Crash Bandicoop.  He's from a popular Nintendo video game.   Max won him at the carnival. Now he hangs around our trailer.
But learning doesn't stop just because it's summer.  Here's Yukon.  This is Max's summer anatomy project.  He assembled, painted and named all of the body parts of this guy, as well as naming him "Yukon".

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