The Road to Montana
August, 2001

From Seattle, we decided to make a big loop to Yellowstone National Park,  then north to Kalispell, Montana, Glacier National Park, Alberta, Canada and then back to Seattle for Max's birthday party. (Pretty nice when you're ten and the question, "where do you want to have your birthday party?" means "which part of the country?")

Heading east on Hwy. 20 north of Seattle took us over Washington Pass in the Cascade Mountains.  We stopped for a break near this scenic bridge.

The bridge deck was made of an open grate which Cocoa didn't like at all. We all ran to the bridge, she proceeded about five feet onto the decking and then came to an abrupt stop.  Her webbed feet, good for swimming, were fully extended as she carefully, and very slowly placed each footstep.
For lunch we requested a table with a view.
This is the top of Washington Pass looking east -- the highway can be seen below.  Thirty miles east of here is a small cowboy town named Winthrop.  It's a popular vacation spot.  In the summer you'll typically see groups of weekend bikers from Seattle stop in Winthrop for lunch and a beer. 

After a day at Lake Pearrygin near Winthrop, we headed on to Spokane, Washington for a visit with my, (Ed's,) aunt and uncle.

As lunchtime approached and we neared the Grand Collee Dam, the boys said "let's stop at the Tee Pee place with the good hamburgers," so we pulled in for a burger.  You may remember this picture from an earlier webpage.  We had a contest to see who could name the location.  

I thought I'd do a few of these contests but I found out that they're tougher to pull off than I thought.  Melissa, our daughter-in-law, won the contest and we sent her a jar of Texas-Chili Olives and Habenero Pickled Garlic from the Olive Pit, (one of our favorite stops along I-5 in Corning, California.)  OK, you might not think that this sounds like much of a prize, but they taste great and she loves them both.

Here's the problem.  I looked on the Internet to see if this place could be found.  I didn't find it -- but Mel is creative.  She knew what our general location was and started searching Montana, Idaho and Washington using the on-line yellow pages.  She didn't know for sure when she sent me the answer, but she was correct.  So now I have to think of a picture that can't be found on the Internet so easily.
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