Our Friends and Family
Summer, 2001

One of the nice parts about our life style is the time we have to see old friends,  meet new friends and visit with family.

Here we are in the Redwoods National Park with a couple of new friends. Some we'll see again, but most we won't.  The more we travel, the more people we meet.  As time goes on we bump into more and more people that we've met before. 

While staying in Seaside Oregon three of our granddaughters came down to visit and enjoy the sun. 

From left to right: Kimlyn, Rian, Kayce

Grandma Cheryl with Rian
While the kids play it's time to relax.
Our very good friend, Tom Smith.  He started the company that we do contract work for -- which has made traveling and working possible for us.

4th of July on Sunset Beach along the Pacific Ocean near Seaside, Oregon.

Tom and his wife Annie.

Our niece, Christa.  She has her cat and several art and craft 4-H projects entered at the King County fair in Washington State.
Breakfast out with Ed's mom.

On our loop through Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alberta we stopped to visit Ed's Uncle Ken and Aunt Phyllis in Spokane.
Three of Ken and Phyllis's grand kids.


Ed's Aunt Doris and Uncle Walt in Idaho. Ed hadn't seen his cousin Cindy for over thirty years and this was the first time he'd ever met Cindy's daughter and two of her grand kids.

We met up with fellow full-time RV'ers, Don and Linda. We met them in Medford, Oregon in 1999 and have camped with them a few times in Last Chance, Idaho and San Diego.  Here we are at Artist's Point in Yellowstone National Park with Don and Linda and their visiting daughter, Carrie, and her family.
Wildlife photo taken near a road construction site in Yellowstone National Park 

Ed's daughter, Harmony, and her two kids, Brandon and Brittany in Kalispell, Montana

Harmony's husband, Jerry, and Mitch damming a creek in Glacier National Park
Cheryl's Mom and husband, (in the van,) and her sister's family.  Picture taken near the top of Logan Pass in Glacier National Park
Now, back to San Diego with Cheryl's dad and friends. 
Here's Mike and Devra and their three boys.  We camped next to them last spring in San Diego.  They live in Hawaii and were traveling for nine months while their new house was being built.  They were in San Diego again and stopped by for a visit.  
Do you remember the gang from NHK?  They made the Japanese documentary on us last spring.
One of the crew members, Kenshi, lives in Irvine, California.  Last month we went to his house for a visit.  We met his beautiful wife and watched the film as he translated for us.  We had a great time.
Don't you just hate it when your shirt gets hooked around your bike seat?
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