Salt Lake City, Utah
September, 2002

Here's the Great Salt Lake.  We were here many years ago when our older children were little.  Cheryl and I vividly remember how bad this beach smelled.  And guess what -- it still smells!  The Great Salt Lake is so salty that the only thing that lives in it is a variety of brine shrimp.
Standing at the edge of the lake and looking back toward the road is an old building that looks like it belongs in an Arabian desert. If I had a good picture of the front it would make a good Mystery Challenge picture. 

Can you see the tracks in the sand?  Well, our tracks aren't really in "sand".

It's really lots of layers of tiny, dead shrimp.
This stinky, muck is three to four inches thick. It looks like the wind blows and the water level slowly drops and thousands of tiny shrimp find themselves stranded and die.  There are many patterns and layers of dead shrimp that show the steadily dropping water level. 

The surface of this "beach" is very thick and slippery.  When we were here years ago we saw a little kid slip and do a face-plant in the slimy, smelly muck that we now realize is a blanket of dead, mucky, sticky, smelly, brine shrimp.

(If our older kids are reading this, I'll bet they all remember this and are all chuckling to themselves.)

OK -- now get that gross image out of your mind and we'll change to a more enlightening subject.
What would a trip to Salt Lake City be without attending a live broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?  These performances are free and open to the public.

It was quite impressive.

About 30 miles north of Salt Lake City is an amusement park that we had visited with our older kids named Lagoon.  This is a beautiful, classic amusement park that has been around for 100 years!

With all the high-tech thrill rides these days who would think this simple old airplane ride would be "wild".  The way that you can get some extra "action" out of this ride is to turn the front sail back and forth.  I told Max to move it in and out with the harmonic swing of the car.  Well, he really got the thing going.  First he'd dive in toward the center, and then out -- far and high to the edge.  It looked as if he was going to spin clear around or fly right off the cables.

Cheryl said it was a wild ride and Max was history for a couple of hours.

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