Winter Break with Rian
February, 2003

Hi, my name is Rian.  I attend Helen Jydstrup Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It is a year-round school.  Four times a year I get a three week break.  This time I went to visit my Grandma and Grandpa in San Diego.  Last time I saw them was in Alaska.

(My grandpa is writing this webpage as I fly home, but he's making it sound like I wrote it.)

My grandparents and my uncles, Mitch and Max, travel around the country in their RV. 

We went to a thrift store and bought this used bike so I could ride around the campground and the beach.

San Diego has sidewalks along the ocean and the bay.  We are riding our bikes to the roller coaster.
Here I am at Belmont Park.  That's me next to Jenn White -- her husband, Greg is sitting behind us.  The White family are friends of my grandparents.  My grandparents and the Whites were in a movie about RV'ing
Here I am swimming in the pool at the RV park with the rest of the White family.  That's Austin -- he's 10, Kesley -- she's 8, and Sunny -- she's 6.  I had a lot of fun with these kids. 
We all went to parks, beaches, malls, restaurants, and the aquarium.  We had so much fun!  My grandpa said "it was nice I came to visit the White family because he could see me sometimes."  He was kidding because I spent so much time with my new friends.

This is a miniature train in Balboa Park.
I usually rode places with the White family in their "VW Thing."  Kesley, Sunny and I would ride in "The Thing" with Greg and Jenn, and Austin would ride with my grandparents and my uncles Mitch and Max.

Here's a picture of my uncles.  Uncle Mitch is on the left and Uncle Max is on the right.  Their friends Chelsea, Chrissy and Jahvine are with them.

We are all going out for Pizza.

Here we are playing video games at the pizza restaurant with Mitch and Max and all their friends..
Campland, the RV park in San Diego, has lots of fun activities.  Here I am dancing.  I also played candy-bar bingo, did arts and crafts, played flag football, soccer, dodge-ball and many more.  Everyday there was something on the calendar.

My grandparents bought an old beach cottage in Mission Beach.  It's a project for Mitch and Max to learn about buying, selling, and working on houses. 

I got to help tear out some of the walls.

Then I took a nap
On the last night I was in San Diego the RV park had a DDR contest.  DDR is a dancing video game.  DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution. 
Mitch, Max and all of their teenage friends are really good at this game.

The next morning I was sad.  Grandma is fixing my hair and helping me pack to return home.
We went over to say good-bye to the Whites.
Then I had to go.  There I am waving good-bye to my grandpa.

Maybe on my next school break I'll come back and stay with them again.  I wonder where we'll go next time.

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