Soledad Canyon - Acton, California; (25 miles north of Los Angeles)
Memorial Day 1999

 Mitch and Max were really looking forward to the three day weekend.  For them this is what America is all about -- "kid style".  We are staying at a beautiful Thousand Trials Family Campground that has more amenities and scheduled activities than there is time for.  During the summer and especially on weekends, the Park organizes non-stop activities.  Here at the Soledad, there are two swimming pools, (one is the largest outdoor pool the kids have ever seen).  There's a cinema, a large family lounge with a cafe, pool tables, ping pong and air hockey.  Outside there's a miniature golf course, basketball courts, softball field and nature trails.  Over the weekend they held teen and adult dances at night with live bands.  There were great breakfasts, barbecued lunches and dinners.  The kids kept busy with scheduled games like Candy Bar Bingo, hoop shoot contest, water balloon toss,  hula hoop contest, etc.

Most of all, the kids enjoy playing with the other kids that have come for the long weekend.  This is a very large park and the kids love riding their bikes all over the 266 acres.  After that they'd hop on the old hay wagon and ride some more, this time being pulled around by a tractor.

On Saturday and Sunday morning the park had twenty tables set up for a swap meet.  After a great breakfast at the park's Smokehouse Cafe on Saturday morning, the boys went out to look over the swap meet.  They came back quite excited.  They had found a fellow with a new "Super Soaker 2000" (water gun) for sale for only $10.  Since they cost $30 at the stores, they dug into their money boxes and bought one.  Later, Cheryl and I were at the swap meet and noticed he had two more for sale, so we bought one more so that both boys would have one.  Well, maybe that wasn't such a good idea.  The boys had two smaller, older water guns, and along with our neighbors the "battle" was on, and on, and on . . . . .
We were so busy having fun we didn't even take any pictures, with one exception.

This young lady was camped next to us.  She's almost 10 years old and her name is Suzanne Valentine. She was very intrigued by our adventures and had lots of questions about how we do things and why we decided to travel.

Hi Suzanne.  Now you're on the "world- wide-web".  We had a great time camped next to you and your family and maybe we'll see you at Soledad again someday.  Have you bought yourself some magic rope yet?

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