The Conference
May 1999, By Max Nodland, (age 7)

Today we are at a conference, but this is a home school conference. The other weird thing about this conference is it is in a hotel and it is going for three days. It was lots of fun because there were lots of kids at the conference and there were activities. These activities were not free, but they were lots and lots of fun. Some of the activities were science and some of the activities were building things.
This is one of the activities. It is a science activity. There were 3 main activities. They were science activities. My favorite activity was the last one. We made ice cream and a pin ball game.
They had a buffet in the hotel. It tasted extremely good. They had really big desserts. One of the desserts was chocolate cake with lots of chocolate chips. One of the other desserts was a cup filled with strawberry ice cream and some  chocolate chips.
Here's one of the activities. It is called The Q- Files. It was my second favorite activity. This activity is about catching a criminal.
I like the Q-files because I learned how to get someone's finger print off of something and I learned lots of other stuff. The boxes in the picture are what we used to hold some of our equipment. 
There was lots of entertainment at the hotel. In the picture we are watching cotillion dancers. It is sort of like regular dancing. I was in the front row.
Here's a picture of the cotillion dancers. There were about 8 different dances that we saw.
My mom and dad went to really big rooms where other people talked about home school.
Here's another room where grownups talk about home school. I think it is really boring when they talk about home school.

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