Mitch's Travel Journal

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     Tomorrow we are going to the Rose parade.  We went to get a good seat at 9:00 AM the day before the Rose parade.  All the spots
     were taken except one.  We asked some people if they want to sit with us.  Tonight was a big party at 12:00.  The next day the parade
     started.  My favorite float was Jurassic Park.  It was fun sleeping on the sidewalk.

Dec.20, 1998

     Today we are at a place called Campland in San Diego Ca.  It is really cool because they have activities.  They got calendars of what
     you do every day and what time it is.  So far we did hockey, kickball, and softball.  It had four pools, a large playground, Ping-Pong,
     and each time we do a game we get a slushy, and if they are out we get candy bars.  They have a beach and a market place.  Next we
     are going to soccer at 12:30.

December 17 - December 19, 1998

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