Max's Travel Journal 


    Today we are in Cottonwood Arizona.  The campground we are staying in is called Verde Valley, ("verde" means "green" in Spanish).  I like this campground because there are lots of activites.  Some of the activities are horseshoes, swimming, a big family rec room with Nintendos, pool table, foosball, air hockey and ping pong.  There is a river really close with a dam.  We went on the dam.  It is all rock.  There are rabbits, wild cows (one was standing on the street), and I saw five deer.

We went to a town called Sedona.  It is really neat because there were lots of trees and good food.  There are lots of hills.  I haven't climbed one yet, but we might today.


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     Today we are in Pasadena Ca.  We are going to see the Rose Parade.  We had to sit on the sidewalk for twenty two hours, so we could get good seats.  We ate lots of pizza. All of the kids had silly string fights.  Silly-string is stuff in a can and every one was spraying it at each other.  Some kids sprayed it at cars but the police took it away from them. It was fun.   I slept on the street.  The next day the Rose Parade was going to happen, my favorite float was Jurassic Park.


     Today we are in San Diego Ca.  The campground we are staying in is called Campland.  I like it because it has alot of activities.  We played bingo, softball, kickball, and field hockey twice.  My favorite activity was kickball.  The campground has four swimming pools and even has a game room.  We are going to the Rose Parade next.

12/23/98 Today we are in San Diego Ca. We are making a candy house at my grampa's house. It took two box is of gram crackers and seven pacs of Necco candies. Here what it looked like when we got done.


     Today we are in San Diego Ca.  We are going to see my grandpa's friend.  He has a really big train set.  His name is Rudy.  He has a big house.  The train set took up his garage and two bedrooms.  Just about everything moved.


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