We flew from Houston Texas to Merida, a large city on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.   Cheryl's sister, Debbie, lives in Merida with her husband, Dr. Fernando Nunez, daughter Cristina, and sons Fernando (Jr.) and Robert. Deb has lived in Mexico for over twenty years.

Merida is located on the northwest side of the peninsula about 30 kilometers south and 70 kilometers east of the Gulf of Mexico .  On the west shore is the small fishing village of Celestun and to the north is Progresso, a popular beach and shipping port. It's about a two hour drive east to the Mayan ruins of Chichen-Itza and two hours further to the resort city of Cancun, which is on the Yucatan peninsula's eastern coast.

We stayed at Hotel Los Aluxes (alue-sches) in downtown Merida.  Here, the kids are enjoying the swimming pool while Cheryl chats with her dad.

Click here for details on the downtown area

Here's a photo of Cheryl's sister, Deb, and her son, Fernando.  We're picking the kids up from school.

Click here to meet the Nunez Family

Went timed our visit with the opening of Dr. Nunez's new plastic surgery clinic.

Click here to see the inside of the most technologically advanced plastic surgery clinic on the Yucatan peninsula.

Merida is one of the oldest cities in Mexico. The locals are very proud of their heritage and celebrate with outdoor performances of dance and song. Almost every evening, there was something like this going on. 

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The downtown market was one of our favorite places. What a unique experience it was for the kids.

Click here to see Merida's downtown market.

We took a guided boat trip to Celestun, a protected flamingo sanctuary.

Click here to see the flamingos and another animal we were surprised to see.

We visited two very different Mayan ruin sites.

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Ed's favorite place to eat in the whole world is Merida.

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