Merida's Food and Entertainment
Ed's favorite place to eat in the whole world is Merida. Most of the restaurants are outside and dinner usually starts at about 9:00.  The food is great, the habanero salsas are even better, and their domestic beer is the expensive import stuff back in the States.
 If 9:00 sounds late to start thinking about dinner, it's because of the totally different lifestyle in Merida. People wake up about the same time as people in the U.S., but then around 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon they come home from work or school and have their big meal of the day. Then it's siesta time until 4:30 or so.  School's over for the day, but adults go back to work until 7:00 or 8:00 and then they go out to restaurants for a light dinner and drinks.
Here's Ed's all-time favorite. It's called Tacos Al Pastor. It's wafer thin slices of pork all stacked on a skewer and then barbecued with seasonings. When you order a taco they trim slices of meat off, put it on a tortilla with a piece of pineapple.
We went to a performance of a traveling Mexican circus that happened to be in Merida.
It was performed under the "big-top". A really big tent, just like circuses used to in the U.S.
The animals were paraded around the perimeter of circus floor. Deb wasn't too comfortable with the elephant being 2 feet from her nose.
The show was good. Most of the entertainers did several different acts.
This was just too close to the rear-end of an elephant for Deb!
 We also went to a traveling dance and song show. The group was from Cuba and were wonderful entertainers.  A ticket to get into the show cost $3 U.S. and that price included two beers.  (And the kids were free).
This dish turned out to be both of the boy's favorite! It's a whole fish that is gutted and then deep fried. It is called Pescado Frito, (fried fish).
They even ate the tails -- they said it tasted like potato chips.
They both want to go back to Merida just so that they can have authentic Pescado Frito again.

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