-Stearman Fly-In, Casa Grande Arizona
April 1999

 We thought that all of our scheduled travel commitments were done.  We would relax a little and travel at a slower pace for a while.  That's when the phone rang.

It was Cheryl's dad, Joe Proulx.  He was going to a Stearman Fly-In at Casa Grande Arizona and was wondering if we would be in the area.  It sounded like fun and El Paso was still windy and dusty so off we went to Casa Grande. 

The Stearman is a Boeing built bi-plane used to teach new pilots how to fly during World War II.  Cheryl's dad, Joe,  trained in one.  A few years ago a friend of Joe's had invited him to go flying in his brother's Stearman, seen here.

Since then he has gone to the Stearman Fly-In and this year we joined him and his friend.

Since we were at large open area, Mitch and Max took the opportunity to fly their model rockets with their Grandpa.

Here, Mitch ignites a rocket that he has mounted on a small toy car.  For the first test he used the smallest rocket and it only traveled eight feet. So it's back to the shop for a larger mount for the more powerful rockets.

What could be more fun than sitting on a small runway in the hot sun in Arizona?

We are sitting here to watch the "flour bomb" contest.  Each Stearman goes up with a pilot and a passenger.  The passenger carries a small bag of flour to throw at a target from an altitude of 200 feet.

CLICK HERE FOR AN MPG FILE OF You'll notice two judges standing right next to the target.  (They said this was the safest place to stand).

 After the flour bomb contest they had a formation flying contest.  These three did a real good job of formation flying.  (But I think the three disk shaped UFO's seen in the background deserve first place).
And as the sun set, we all gathered for a great Arizona style barbecued steak dinner and talked about the day's activities.

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