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We started living in our fifth-wheel trailer in June of 1998. After our house sold, Ed quit his career of twenty one years, we sold our furniture, and hit the road.  That was November 15, 1998.

After four years we occasionally have a feeling of been-there-done-that.  But there is still a lot to see and even more to do.  People ask us, "What is your favorite place."  I answer with, "What time of year?"  We have developed a few new perspectives on life that I'll write about someday.

We constantly hear, "What about the kids?"  We home school, or as we called it, Road-School.   I think we explore the world differently having kids with us than we would have if we waiting until "officially retiring."  We seek out a lot of variety and explore with more depth and study than we might do without them.  As you will see, a lot of the information on these webpages pertains to education of the kids.

We also cover some of the more mechanical issues of RVing like living in a small space, storing toys and project material for the kids, sleeping accommodations, and generating an income.  Our goal is to focus on issues about RVing with Kids. There are plenty of general RVing webpages already.  Overtime the direction and content of these pages will grow to answer the questions we continue to receive such as how do we do banking, pay bills, declare residency, vote, connect to the web, and options for satellite TV, cell phones and  insurance.

As we write and rewrite these pages, we notice a lot of our own personal opinion and life philosophy mixed in.  Traveling full-time with our kids, free from daily schedules, alarm clocks, bosses, teachers, school bells, and little league schedules, has provided us a life where we are generally free to choose and do as we decide.  In four years we have woken up to an alarm clock about two dozen times, fully by choice.  We want to share this perspective and over time try to document the affects this has for us and our kids.  We are in the middle of an experiment called life.

We plan to write about topics such as, what it's like to meet lots of new people and have friends in many states and cities, to live without schedules, to drive off in the morning yet to decide if we are headed east or west, to watch the national news and say, "been there, been there, done that", to think about a 400 mile drive as a distance to go for a good restaurant or meet up with friends.

We hope you find this series of webpages both informative, entertaining and even an opening into alternative perspectives on living in the fast paced world of the 21st century.

Rather than, write, rewrite, and perfect what we want to say, these webpages, like our lives, are a continuing journey, a work in progress.
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