Florida Keys
January, 2001

You can't get much better than this, however, they charged us $75 a night for this camp site.  The bridge in the background has been replaced with a new road. You can fish from the old bridge or go for a bike ride.  A marina to the left rents boats and sells all the bait you'll need.  The boys used small shrimp.  They caught several small fish and enjoyed feeding them to the pelicans who nested in the mangroves by the small marina.

The challenge was to get the fish off of the hook before the pelicans stole them from you.  These are big birds -- they hovered and stood close by with their bills snapping.  A scary site for small boys.

  If you see one on Sugarloaf Key with a shine green lure on his left wing, think about Mitch.  These pelicans were very aggressive.

A friend of mine was asking about ways to go RV'ing with a Harley.  Well, here's one solution -- turn your tow car into a Harley Hauler.

We stayed about 16 miles from Key West.  Most off the town is filled with places to eat, drink and buy souveniers. There was both fine art and strange art for sale.  Since we travel we are satisfied enjoying everything sitting on the shelves of the shops.

This is it!  Can't go no farther than this!  The southern most point in the continental United States.
Also the start of U.S. Highway 1.

Cruise Ship at night off Key West

DEA spy blimp
We saw two blimps tethered high in the sky, about 2,000 - 3,000 feet high.  A local told me they had Drug Enforcement Agency cameras on them and could see all the way to Cuba, (which was just 90 miles away.)
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