Fence Design and Parts List

I estimated for the cost of style 1 or style 4.  The difference is the cross support.  Style 4 would cost a little more for eye-bolts and cable on the cross brace.

Below is a detail breakdown for the 4 foot, 5 foot and gate sections.  Some sections will be less than  feet long.  I counted them as full 8 foot section.  The extra material will provide a contingency for bad material, supports, a few mistakes, etc.  Following the three detail charts is the total material list and costs.

Each section shows the parts for a section, the actual lengths to purchase, and the total for the number of sections.  I counted 20 sections for the 4 foot high and 11 sections for the 5 foot high.

I also worked up the price to use all Redwood. I asked the guy that gave me today's prices at the Flagstaff store.  He also thought that using the whitewood properly painted would last as long as redwood painted.  You could always get a third opinion.

Below is the costs using all redwood, except the 1" x 2" x 8' trim pieces that are not available in redwood.

We also spent the second half of superbowl trying to determine which $2.99 wine was the best

Here's the result.  Next we'll have to get some reds.

oops that's "blend" not "bend"