Europe Trip
March, 2004

It's been awhile since our last report, but we're currently on a fun trip, and felt like we should post a new webpage.
We left Kansas City and flew to Munich, Germany on March 24. (The number 24 is lucky number on Ed's side of the family.)  We've been here for four days and have finally adjusted to the time difference.  Well, we thought we had adjusted, but when we left for an "11:45 AM Castle Tour" this morning, we noticed that all of the building clocks along the 30 mile drive were off by an hour.  Later, we discovered that Germany's version of day-light savings time started last weekend, so now we're an hour earlier than before. 

Dinner day 1 - Sausage (wurst) and beer

Breakfast day 2 - sausage and beer, served at the cafes in the train station, (but I passed on the beer.)

Dinner day 2 - Sausage and beer

We've learned that Germans LOVE their beer!

Our second day in Munich included a city tour on a red double deck bus and a visit to the Duetcsh Museum.  A science and science-history museum that is compared with our Smithsonian.

Here is Max's favorite item.  A perpetual motion machine.  He has spent time everyday since working on an improved design. 

Day three -- we drove to Oberstaufen in the Bavarian region of Southern Germany.  As we left Munich, we stopped for a history lessen at Dauchau, one of Hitler's major concentration camps, and training grounds for all senior officers in charge of concentration camps. 

This terribly sad place is now a memorial.  It's prime purpose is to promote the message:

People say that last week this area had no snow and temperatures were in the 60's.  Everyone thought that spring had arrived.

Then, last Wednesday and Thursday, a 100 year storm hit.  It's very beautiful. 

Here's a picture of the front of our condo in Oberstaufen. 
Monday we visited two castles outside of the very nice city of Fussen, Germany.  We visited the Castle Hohenschwangau and the Castle Neuschwanstein,  Both castles were home to "Mad" King Ludwig II.
King Ludwig spent 17 years building Castle Neuschwanstein, but lived in it less than 6 months.  Seemed that the King liked building castles better than taking care of the country's business.  He was declared unfit to rule as king and was evicted from the castle.  He was found drowned in a lake near Munich 2 days later.  Nobody knows whether he was murdered or committed suicide. 

We've heard that this is the castle that Walt Disney modeled Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland after.


We've heard that this is the castle that Walt Disney modeled Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland after.  We'll be in Europe for a few more weeks, so will send another report soon.
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