About RoadSchool

The name "RoadSchool" came about as we would talk about our travel plans with friends.  They would usually ask, "what about the kid's school?  Do you plan to home school them?"  We would answer, "no we are going to road school them".  So when it came to naming our web site we named it [www.roadschool1.com]. 

March 2020 update: In 1998, Roadschool.com was used by a touring company for collage student but the website never made it past the Under Construction phase. We used Road-School.com until Roadschool.com became available. Road dash school dot com was very clumbsy to say. In 2018 we switched to RoadSchool1.com (as in road school one dot com)and Ed's duaghter's family is using the Roadschool domain to document their fulltime RV travling. I think they refer to us as Old School Road School. The information throughout our site is mostly untouched to reflect our thinking, perspective and technology of the time.

For Mitch and Max, learning can occur anytime of day.  We constantly engage them with the language, math, geography, history, self awareness, interpersonal relations of everyday life any time of day.  In addition, they have created a learning schedule which includes writing, spelling, handwriting, history, reading, math, art, music and PE.

As parents, we have been involved in a parent co-op program in the Marysville, Washington School District.  In this program the family spend 90 hours per school year in the classroom for each child.  Parents and teachers also attend monthly group meetings.  One of the most beneficial aspects of this program is the connections and relationship made between the people involved.  This relationships include teacher-child, teacher-parent, parent as teacher,  family-family, teacher-family, and more.  School co-op programs build more than just a better learning environment, they create the relationships that bring people together into "community".  As time goes on we want to create a nationwide Co-op Education web page and visit and learn more about K-12 educational programs across the country.

But RoadSchool is not just for the kids.  Ed is very interested in life learning, self-awareness, consciousness stuff.  One of  Ed's professional skills is in facilitating groups and counseling people.  Another branch of our web page will become a resource for research and discovery in this direction.


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