Our Adventure

(Written November 1998, just before we left on this great adventure)

We don't really have a specific plan or goal as far as where we go or what we see and do.  Initially we are going to head south from along the Oregon and California coast.  We are going to stay near San Diego for the last two weeks of December and visit with family over the holidays.  We are going to go to the Rose Parade and then head east.

We want to explore New Mexico and Arizona and then go on to Texas.  We may decide to shoot over to Louisiana first to Mardi Gras and then come back.  We want to get up to Alaska in the spring and early summer and drive up to the Arctic Circle.  Right now we are not sure weather we will make it to the northeast and across Canada on our way to Alaska or on our way back.

We also would like to get down into Mexico but that would have to be one a second pass around.  There seems to be many things to do in every season in every state.

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